Online Order

General terms and conditions for Home delivery:

  1. 1. Minimum Order for home delivery is 25 Euros and above.
  2. 2. All the necessary details such as name,mobile, contact number, email, address etc. should be provided while ordering the food via this platform.
  3. 3. Payments will only accepted via Credit card or cash or Ticket Restaurant/Sodexo/Cheque Repas.
  4. 4. Orders will be delivered around 10 KM within Restaurant Khukuri.
  5. 5. Orders placed after 14h00 during lunch and 22h45 during dinner wont be accepted.
  6. 6. We now accept all major credit card payments on delivery(No American Express)
  7. 7. Order above 25 Euros = within 7KM from the restaurant only.
  8. 8. Order above 50 Euros = within 10KM from the restaurant.
  9. 9. Order above 100 Euros = within 10-12KM from the restaurant.