Khukuri Restaurant
Best food delivery in Dudelange
on Restaurant Guru 2020
Khukuri Restaurant

Online Order

General terms and conditions for Home delivery:

  1. 1. All the necessary details such as name,mobile, contact number, email, address etc. should be provided while ordering the food via this platform.
  2. 2. Payments will only be accepted via Credit card or cash or Ticket Restaurant/Sodexo/Cheque Repas.
  3. 3. We now accept all major credit card payments on delivery(No American Express).
  4. 4. Get a free bottle of Cobra beer 33cl minimum order of 30€ (Offer valid only for take out in the restaurant)

Delivery Zones

  • Minimum 15€ (Dudelange, Burange, Budersberg)
  • Minimum 25€ (Volmerange-les-mines)
  • Minimum 30€ (Tétange, Kayl)
  • Minimum 45€ (Noertzange, Huncherange, Fennange, Bettembourg, Abweiler, Zoufftgen, Kanfen)
  • Minimum 50€ (Rumelange, Bergem, Schifflange, Escherange)
  • Minimum 60€ (Hellange, Crauthem, Entrange, Esch-sur-Alzette)
  • Minimum 100€ (10-12KM from the restaurant)